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The Dirtiest Areas in Your Home May Come As a Shock

You keep your toilet bowls clean, vacuum the pet hair regularly, and dust the shelves. There isn’t one pile of belongings left unorganized. What’s more, you’re a fiend about tackling shower mold and immediately washing dishes.

Those germs don’t stand a chance in your house…right?

Think again.

It’s natural to clean the areas that appear the dirtiest and then consider your job done for the week…or two. But like the pesky nuisances they are, germs thrive in places that are invisibly filthy and easily overlooked.

The Grossest Surfaces in Your Bathroom

If scientists wanted to swab-test your bathroom for harmful bacteria, your instinct might be to direct them to your sink or toilet seat. But in most cases, this instinct would be wrong.

Consider the fact that those obviously “yucky” surfaces are likely cleaned more often than the rest of the bathroom. What you’re left with are the actual yuckiest spots, like:

High-use, high-touch areas—especially those exposed to moisture—are especially rife breeding grounds for microscopic muck. Just remember, just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there!

The Muckiest Surfaces in Your Kitchen

Similar to the bathroom, your kitchen is a busy, highly used area of the house. Many of these items are exposed to food, moisture, and aren’t regularly cleaned. They become cesspools of yeast and mold.

  • The coffee maker (and other countertop appliances)

  • The inside of your refrigerator (and the outside handle)

  • Your cutting board (these may be cleaned often, but bacteria hangs out in the grooves)

Other Filthy Items in Your House

Without discussing the dirtiest personal items, like iPhones, remote controls, and keyboards, there are other areas/items in houses that are generally overlooked, and generally disgusting. These include:

  • The stair railing

  • Light switches

  • Your carpet

Combining the dirtiest spots in a house can amount to a lot of cleaning. It’s unfair, to say the least, that battling germs is so all-consuming.

The bright side is, with a little help, it doesn’t have to be.

Hiring More Than a Spot Clean

Spot cleaning may get you by in a pinch—like when you’ve had a crazy week but still need to make your house livable and presentable—but effective, deep cleanings take time and attention.

The best home cleaning services take care of these details for you. They vacuum hidden corners of your carpet and wipe off oft-ignored surfaces to ensure you’re living in a healthier, more germ-free, largely allergen-free space.

You, after all, have a productive life to lead. The last thing you need is regular exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria—or to dedicate your time eradicating them.

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