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Solar Panel Cleaning

Own solar? When Was the last time they were cleaned? Decrease your energy bill and put more money in your wallet!

Solar Panel Cleaning: About

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Pricing

Our process consists the use of deionized water and soft bristle brushes to help remove dirt, bird droppings and detritus from you panels. Doing so helps ensure you panels operate at their maximum capacity.

Solar Panel cleaning

Cleanings Starting As Low As $149!

Solar Panels on Roof
Solar Panel Cleaning: Services

Benefits of solar cleaning

Ensures Maximum Output

Increases longevity Of Your Panels

Saves You Money

Maintains Warranty

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels
Solar Panel Cleaning: Services


Is rain good enough to clean my panels?

Rain will provide a minimal rinse off any loose dirt or dust, it will not remove the baked in dirt and debris. The minimal loose dust that does move by the rain will lead to dust accumulating in the lower row of each solar panel, which can cause significant heating

Can I use a pressure washer to clean my panels?

No. Not at all. High-pressure water is among the biggest enemies of your solar equipment.
First, high-speed moisture can quickly force its way through the seals around the frames and get into vulnerable technology. These water leakages can promote corrosion of the fine wires, which leads to the failure of the solar panel and its photovoltaic cells.
Also, the glass surface can break under high water pressure.

Can I clean my own panels?

If you want extra cleaning power, a long-handled squeegee or soft brush plus a medium-pressure hose nozzle can work wonders. With the nozzle, directing the spray will become easier. You'll then wipe off the water using the squeegee for maximum electricity production. This approach provides even more cleaning power, but it does depend on the angle of your roof, roof height, and panel placement, because not everyone will be able to reach their roof, even with a long handle

Solar Panel Cleaning: FAQ
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