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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Got moss? Offering roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and moss removal treatment. Composition roof cleaning, flat roof cleaning, metal roof cleaning, and more. Call us today to get scheduled in. 

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Our Roof Cleaning Options

One-Time Cleaning

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As low as: 



  • Improve Curb Appeal 

  • Minimize Moss Growth

  • Prevent clogs in your Gutter system 

  • One step ahead on your to do list

Annual Cleaning

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As low as: 



  • Roof cleaned 1-2 times a year

  • Protection for your investment 

  • Keep your roof looking its best 

  • Prevent expensive repairs 

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Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

Moss & Algae removal: Washington is know for its rainy season, a perfect environment for moss to grow and damage your roof if left untreated, which can later on cause a dent in your wallet. Protect your investment. 

Gutter Cleaning: Cleaning out the gutter system and down spouts prevents back flow of water onto your roof which can overflow onto your home siding, foundation and landscape. Gutter cleaning ensures a proper water flow and helps avoid water damage and costly repairs to your home.

Improve curb appeal: Many real estate agents say curb appeal is a major selling point of a home. Many home owners want to have the best looking home in the neighborhood, and that can be you also!

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Protect your invest, put more money in your wallet

Roof cleaning will expand the life of your roof, put more money in your wallet and you'll sleep at night in peace knowing no leak will happen. Get in touch with us to secure your spot!

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Frequent Asked Roof Cleaning Questions

Have a question?

Should I Pressure Wash My Roof?

Pressure washing is not recommended to clean a roof. Shingle manufactures indicate that pressure should never be used to clean shingles. Pressure washing runs the risk of causing irreparable damage to your shingles, loosen granules causing premature failure and lift the shingles, breaking the seal between the shingles and allow a path for future leaks. 

Our cleaning process consists of only light brushing and agitation to prevent granule loss and shingle lift, which is followed by moss and algae preventative treatment to prevent further growth. 

How much does roof cleaning cost?

Prices will vary depending on your roofs material, pitch and size.  We offer One-time cleaning package starting at $499 and our annual cleaning package starting at $299.

Does rain remove the moss treatment?

Yes, the treatment will dissolve with the rain causing it to provide a full cover of your shingles as is runs down the entire roof. Helping it prevent further moss and algae growth.

What comes included in most roof cleaning packages?

Each home is different and requires different needs. Most of our packages include: Full roof cleaning, moss removal, gutter cleaning, downspout cleaning, before & after pictures.

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